Responsibility and Compassion In Action: Allyson, the Reptile Wisperer


Allyson has a gift in helping our reptiles acclimate in their new environments. No matter how difficult the personality of the reptile, Allyson does not hesitate to handle them with calm and compassion everytime. Allyson is highly consistent with her care, and is extremely observant to the needs of each patient. MsChien can always trust Allyson in getting the job done - she is definitely a master herptotologist in the making!

Updated 2.18.2017

MsChien's Reptile Sanctuary

oscar duct_tape cam

Pogona vitticeps

Python reguius

Rhacodactylus chahoua

iro janet orangina

Tiliqua scincoides

Eublepharis macularius

Correlophus ciliatus