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Please let me know if you have trouble downloading, or have further questions implementing some of the items presented.
List of lab equipment for a biology lab.
List of lab equipment for a physics lab.
List of lab equipment for a chemistry lab.
List of lab equipment for an earth science lab.
Complete instructions and lesson plans to make your water box.
For all science teachers at all levels. Includes journals, professional development, books, grant information, etc
Here is a generic lesson plan to implement a fishbowl discussion in a science classroom.
Template for helping students create a research/lab paper.
Includes information about their products, as well as grant information, sample lessons that incorporates probeware.
Work with your admin and your department about trying out probes and TI handhelds.
Website on their TI education products. Also includes free lesson plans incorporating probeware.
This packet was given out during the workshop. Updated 7/27/2011
This sheet was given out as a part of our DO NOW.