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"How does nicotine affect the heart rate of daphnia over a short time to create a long-term effect?" Experimental, MD. Attached work is second to final draft with instructor's comments
"The effect of light intensity on the quality of a pinhole image". Experimental, MD.
An investigation on the accuracy of the ALU method in race determination. This project used both experimental and heavy research based data, MD. See Powerpoint here: http://mschien.com/documents/taylor_raymond.ppt
"How do sounds of varying frequencies affect the growth of plants?" Experimental, MD.
"Examining the best shutter time for pinhole cameras under different types of lighting". Experimental, MD (This is a large file)
Examining the effectiveness and validity of acupuncture as an alternative to anethesia. Research, MD.
"What is the Most Successful Method to Culture Rhodobacter Sphaeroides to Yield the Greatest Amount of Polygistidine-Tagged Proteins?" This was an experiment based project done in collaboration with a scientist. MD.
"How can Stem Cells Provide a 'Cure' for Multiple Sclerosis?" This was a research based project. The powerpoint presentation is available at: http://mschien.com/documents/model_works/Timmy-Exhibition.zip . Research , MD